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Connecting people with technology

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Track Your Progress

Plant your tree and use the app daily to get resources, new skills, and individualized insights to aid your lifestyle.

Connect With Others

Support accounts add a unique way to connect, provide resources, and interact with your loved ones about your reccovery.

Crisis Relief

Add several new coping methods to your toolkit with our features for tough times.


We have created three products that can integrate to become a powerful tool for positive change.

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Daily Discipline

Daily tool for those in early recovery. Grow your tree one day at a time.
  • Daily checkups and custom feedback
  • Develop a roadmap for success
  • Gain new coping skills as you need them
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Convenient, Constructive Connectedness

Become a part of your loved one's recovery by joining in the process.
  • Explore addiction resources and educational material
  • Earn rewards for your Member
  • Follow your loved one as they progress
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Deep insights, at a glance

Gain new insights as addiction professionals to make your services more impactful.
  • Easy-to-use Dashboard to improve communication sharing
  • Helpful current and trending metrics
  • Alerts for dangerous situations

Octa Project

For Youth: Juggling Made Easy

  • Strategic planning helps youth manage their Goals and Action Steps by syncing with device calendar.
  • Rewards-focused achievement starts with small virtual rewads and leads to big objectives.
  • Communication Focused approach involves Octa Support App for family and mentors.

For Counselors: A Transformational Pair of Tools

  • Website interface allows counselor to engage with youth via App by setting rewards for goals and commenting on activity.
  • Charts used to clearly display which members are doing the most in-app.
  • Instantly search through records and automatically generate reports.
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